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Old Republic Contractors Insurance Group (ORCIG) is a full-service provider of insurance products and services specifically tailored to the Construction industry. We have a nationwide footprint but strive to maintain a local market presence by maintaining regional offices in six distinct major metropolitan markets throughout the country.

Scott Ragersrager@oldrepublic.com
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer312.762.4239 (Chicago)
Todd Graytgray@oldrepublic.com
President & Chief Operating Officer312.762.4616 (Chicago)
Troy Groenewegtgroeneweg@orcig.com
Chief Accounting Officer626.683.5288 (Pasadena)

Pasadena, California
225 South Lake Avenue, Suite 900
Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone 626.683.5200
Fax 626.683.5209

Fil Gutierrezfgutierrez@orcig.com
Senior Vice President626.683.5120

Sherald Newberrysnewberry@orcig.com
Senior Vice President, Complex Accounts626.683.5117

Arthina Jamesajames@orcig.com
Vice President626.683.5121

Cary Chaocchao@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President626.683.5142

Oscar Burgosoburgos@orcig.com
Senior Vice President, National Claims Manager626.683.5103

Kevin Peterskpeters@orcig.com
Senior Vice President, Claims Administration626.683.5124

Xavier Piequetxpiequet@orcig.com
Vice President, National Workers' Compensation Manager626.683.5129

Risk Resources
Matt Jacquelmjacquel@orcig.com
Senior Vice President, Risk Resources626.683.5136

Ana Nowotnyanowotny@orcig.com
Vice President, Western Region Manager626.683.5130

Andrew Ovadyaaovadya@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President, Western Region Manager626.683.5138

Dianna Kaplandkaplan@orcig.com
Premium Audit Manager626.683.5114

Raquel Origelrorigel@orcig.com
Director, Human Resources626.683.5204

Oscar Pereyraopereyra@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President, Client Services626.683.5113

Lorraine Wonglwong2@orcig.com
Director, Information Services/Technology626.683.5123

New York, New York
199 Water Street, 30th Floor
New York, NY 10038
Phone 212.607.2600
Fax 212.607.2614

Christopher Phillipscphillips@orcig.com
Senior Vice President212.607.2603

Vincent Petruccivpetrucci@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President212.607.2607

Elene Veveakiseveveakis@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President212.607.2602

Glenn Dienstaggdienstag@orcig.com
Senior Vice President, National GL/Auto Manager212.607.2609

Risk Resources
Jason Berardjberard@orcig.com
Vice President, National Risk Resources Manager212.607.2636

Chicago, Illinois
307 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60601

Gary Heydukgheyduk@orcig.com
Vice President, Midwest Regional Manager312.762.4501

Risk Resources
Greg Meyergmeyer1@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President, Central Region Manager630.291.0033

Chris Kruseckruse@orcig.com
Senior Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer312.762.4522

Kevin Rakowkrakow@orcig.com
Underwriting Administration Officer312.762.4521

Atlanta, Georgia
3333 Piedmont Road NE, Suite 775
Atlanta, GA 30305

Jermal Collinsjcollins@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President678.702.5622

Don Ellettdellett@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President678.702.5635

Risk Resources
John Bulljbull@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President, Eastern Region Manager301.832.4501

Dallas, Texas
909 Lake Carolyn Parkway, Suite 1170
Irving, TX 75039

Judy Westmorelandjwestmoreland@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President, Underwriting214.496.1502

Overland Park, Kansas
7101 College Boulevard, Suite 830
Overland Park, KS 66210

Erin Veglahn eveglahn@orcig.com
Assistant Vice President, Underwriting913.378.9502