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Contractor Programs

ORCIG is the market for commercial construction risks. Our core business consists of regional and national specialty trade contractors. We also write commercial general contractors. The general contractor must demonstrate an ability to successfully manage the relationship with their subcontractors through Hold Harmless Agreements and appropriate Certificates of Insurance.

ORCIG’s underwriting success is the result of quality program design, responsible pricing, active safety involvement and proactive claims management. Our Integrated Account Management team ensures complete and timely linkage between underwriting, safety and claims.

ORCIG's overall success lies in its ability to continue to partner with brokers and insureds who are willing to establish long-term goals to achieve a profitable result for all parties.

Client Base

ORCIG has over 450 construction clients. The classes of operations within this client base range from HVAC specialists to heavy civil engineering. Eighty-five percent of our accounts are trade and specialty contractors.

Classes of Business

Every submission is given thorough consideration. However, there are a few classes of business that do not meet our underwriting guidelines.

Some of the exclusions are due solely to treaty restrictions; others are excluded based on ORCIG underwriting philosophy. The following list highlights ORCIG excluded operations.

Ineligible Operations:

  • Airport runway, apron or electrical work with airports
  • Blasting Contractors
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Equipment Rental
  • Mix-in transit
  • Non-Contracting Risks
  • Nuclear Power Plant Work
  • Railroad Construction
  • Residential Operations (applies to GL only)

Minimum Premiums

For contractors, the account minimum premium is $300,000. An account minimum includes the WC, CGL and Auto lines of coverage. While $300,000 is the established minimum, some territories dictate ORCIG deviate from their standard guideline. Our average account size is $500,000. ORCIG does not have a maximum premium threshold.