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Wrap-Up Programs

Customized client service standards and overall cost containment measures set us apart from our competitors. We offer integrated bundled services to our customers utilizing in-house construction safety and claim professionals. Our staff averages 15 years in construction specific experience.

Target Wrap-Up Customers

  • Owner or Contractor Controlled
  • Single or Multiple Projects provided Scope of Work is easily Definable
  • Unified Project Safety Plan
  • Up to 5 Years Duration
  • Construction Values between $100MM and $1B
  • Experienced Sponsor
  • Experienced Broker Administrator

Wrap-Up Program Design

We offer integrated wrap up programs composed of WC and  Primary GL.  We offer a full range of program structures, including Guaranteed Cost and Large Deductible.  Standard deductible is $250,000 or $500,000 with a combined line deductible aggregate.

Preferred Project Scopes

   General Building   Manufacturing 
 Corporate Headquarters Electronics 
 General Office / Retail Textile 
 Mixed Use Automobile 
 Health Care   Public Works 
 Malls Schools 
 Entertainment Airports 
 Correctional Infrastructure 
   Power   Industrial Process 
 Co-Gen Facilities Pharmaceuticals 
 Substations Food 
 Generating Stations