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Claims Services

The ORCIG claim directors are a group of highly trained professionals who manage auto, general liability and workers compensation exposure claims.  They have an average of 19 years experience, specialize in all types of construction exposure, and are strategically located on the West Coast, Midwest and East Coast to ensure jurisdictional knowledge and presence.

Our clients’ claims are managed by an ORCIG claim director who works closely with the claim representative, broker and insured.  This "second set of eyes" or oversight ensures that the best outcome is obtained for everyone involved.  There are stringent reporting requirements to meet the needs of our clients and brokers (financial, injury or claim type) which ensures the timely involvement of the ORCIG director.  We have regularly scheduled claim reviews which include the broker, ORCIG claim director and claim representative for a detailed discussion of the claims' current status.

In addition to providing a superior claim result for our customers, our staff works closely with our Safety and Underwriting staff.  This team approach is designed to meet our client's wants and needs.  

MPN (Medical Provider Network - California)
We have partnered with Coventry Workers' Compensation Services as our MPN provider in California.  This partnership has resulted in significant reductions in the average amount paid, shorter duration on lost time claims and lower litigation costs.  The Coventry website has over 72,000 MPN providers which include medical services at over 130,000 locations. 

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
ORCIG has developed a significant book of business for this union trade sector.  Our claim directors have dedicated claim representatives who are trained in this process which allows our clients to take advantage of the savings these "carve out" programs have to offer.  In California, ORCIG is affiliated with eight different ADR programs.