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Program Solutions

Our philosophy is focused on finding the right solution. We believe Effective Risk Control/Safety Management Systems need to be tailored to fit the company for which they function.

We are not compliance based. We use noncompliance findings as a basis for problem identification and we focus our consultations on the programs that drive solutions. Solid programs, processes and accountability help to drive current and future safety performance.

We offer consultation for the development of Key Program Solutions to assist our Contractors and Projects in implementing solutions that work.

Some examples of Key Risk Control/Safety Program Solutions we offer:

  • Foundations Supervisor Leadership Series
  • Supervisor Accountability
  • Behavior Observation Programs
  • Pre-Task Planning / Job Hazard Analysis
  • Effective Incident Investigation
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Hazard Identification Tracking Systems
  • Program Development Tools
  • Effective Safety Meetings
  • Effective Safety Committees
  • Effective New Employee Orientations
  • Task Training Programs
  • Effective Sub-Contractor Management
  • Coaching Supervisors to be Effective Trainers