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TPA Information

ORCIG is partnered with Gallagher Bassett for the administration and handling of our Commercial Auto, General Liability and Workers' Compensation claims.  Gallagher Bassett offers a comprehensive menu of risk management services with dedicated claim handling teams nationwide with experience in construction exposures.

Gallagher Bassett/ORCIG provides all brokers and clients access to their award winning RisxFacs claim system.  This system allows the user to view "real time" claim progression, status and action plans.  The system has a reporting system that allows the end user to specify their wants and needs and includes an "alert" to notify the user via email.  

Medical bills and accompanying medical reports are to be submitted to our TPA for review and processing to the following address:

·CA ProvidersGallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
PO Box 2840
Clinton, IA 52733-2840
·All StatesGallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
(other than CA)PO Box 2831
Clinton, IA 52733-2831

For more information, please contact Maggie Lencioni of ORCIG to be directed to the proper Gallagher Bassett or ORCIG claim professional.

Maggie Lencionimlencioni@orcig.com
Claims Assistant626.683.5149